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Jacob Lawren Ltd was founded by Marcel Jacobs & Sally Jacobs Agyemang in 2005.

While living and working in Singapore they recognised the big potential for business in Ghana and decided to invest and test the waters.

Initially 6 tipper trucks where send to Ghana which were rented to the mines. During a visit to Ghana in 2005 the decision was made to invest more and to dedicate more personal time in the Ghanaian business.

To further grow the business heavy earth moving machines where bought to rent once again to the mining sector.

Shortly after, opportunities opened up in the Water Infrastructure sector. The company decided to invest in additional equipment like extendable trailers, flatbed trailers, trucks and earthmoving equipment and to subcontract to one of Europe’s largest and well-known contractors to work in the water sector in Ghana. Ever since, we have worked for this European contractor in Ghana, Niger and Mali.

In 2012 one of the countries largest food manufacturers contracted the Company to distribute their products nationwide. For six years now, we have a dedicated fleet of trucks and closed box trailers doing exactly that (distributing food products) for this customer.

In 2014 opportunities opened up in the Agric sector. And the company won a contract from one of the largest commercial farming organisations in Ghana to develop 440 hectares of land and to build an 18000 cubic meter reservoir in the North of Ghana.

In 2016 the Company was awarded a contract from a Spanish Contractor to build the site offices and the platform for a Gridco substation in Kintampo.

In 2017 the Company was awarded a contract from a French Contractor to build the platform and access road for a Gridco substation in Tamale, all part of the West African Power Pool.

In 2017 The Company teamed up with ALE Heavy Load from Spain, a world leader in heavy transport and heavy lifting, to provide heavy haulage services to the Ghanaian market. In January 2018 we transported and installed in total 2 transformers of 130 ton each and two reactors in Kintampo and Kumasi.

Today the Company has two main businesses, haulage and construction/earth movement.

It employs over 40 employees from which a large number has been with us since the Company started, our customer base has been growing steadily and most of our customers have been with us for more than 5 years, again some of them since we started operation in Ghana.

So, we have been doing well, thanks to our staff and to our loyal customers.

Overall we are proud of what we all have achieved over the years and we are proud to be Ghanaian.

Sally Jacobs-Agyemang,
Managing Director.

About Us

Jacob Lawren Ltd. is a 100% Ghanaian company based in Accra, Ghana. It has experience in Haulage, Heavy Lifting and Construction. The company was founded in 2005 by Marcel Jacobs and Sally Jacobs Agyemang. Over the past decade the company has grown continuously and currently gives employment to over 40 Ghanaians. Our customer base has been loyal over the years and some have been with us since the start of our company. The same goes for our staff. We believe that this is our main strength, the care for our staff and their care for our customers.

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