Jacob Lawren Ltd. has developed a stellar reputation for reliability and quality for construction works. Jacob Lawren Ltd. has completed projects in a wide range of sectors:

  • Water Sector
  • Agriculture Sector
  • and the Power Sector

In these sectors we provide both earth works and civil works.


Water Treatment in Nsawam

In 2012, Jacob Lawren Ltd was contracted for the laying of DN400 pipes in Nsawam for a water treatment plant. Jacob Lawren Ltd. did the haulage of the pipes from the port to site, the bush clearing and the pipelaying. The project presented many challenges as we had to cross two rivers and lay a pipe underneath a school without disturbing classes. But all these challenges made it fun to do and made the completion more rewarding.

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Development of Irrigation Farm in Yagaba

In 2014 Jacob Lawren Ltd. was contracted to prepare 440 hectares of land for irrigation and large scale farming for the Sisili Kulpawn Irrigation Project in the North of Ghana. Jacob Lawren Ltd. completed the Land Development for this 440 hectare farm and did the construction of a 18000 cubic meter water reservoir to feed the irrigation system. The remoteness and harsh conditions brought its own challenges for man and machine, but once again we are happy and proud to have finished a successful project

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Sub-Station Construction in Kintampo

In 2016, Jacob Lawren Ltd. was contracted to build the campsite offices and the platform for a 330 Kva substation part of the West African Power Pool project in Kintampo. The earthworks for platform included excavation of 30,000 cubic metre and filling/compacting of 16,000 cubic metre over a 2 hectare area. Compaction rate far exceeded the requirements, so the platform was build with a high level of quality.

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Jacob Lawren Ltd. is a 100% Ghanaian company based in Accra, Ghana. It has experience in Haulage, Heavy Lifting and Construction. The company was founded in 2005 by Marcel Jacobs and Sally Jacobs Agyemang. Over the past decade the company has grown continuously and currently gives employment to over 40 Ghanaians. Our customer base has been loyal over the years and some have been with us since the start of our company. The same goes for our staff. We believe that this is our main strength, the care for our staff and their care for our customers.

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