Jacob Lawren Ltd. has done haulage for our customers for more than 10 years and has developed a reputation for reliability and professionalism.
Through Ghana we can provide the following Transport services:

  • Flatbed Transport
  • Container Transport
  • Low Bed Transport
  • Extendable Transport
  • Closed Box Transport
Our customer ranges from:
  • Food manufacturers
  • European construction companies
  • Clearing agents
  • Large Scale Farmers
Most of these relationships have been established many years ago, in some cases since the company was formed 13 years ago.

Our differentiating factor is the care for our customers.


Water Pipes transportation from Tema to Niamey

In 2011, Jacob Lawren Ltd. was contracted to haul water pipes from Tema port to Niamey in Niger for a water treatment plant. Along with the pipes Jacob Lawren Ltd was also contracted to haul the heavy machinery and containers to Niamey. Overall we did almost 150 trips in the time span of a little over six months without an incident.

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Transport of Food Stuffs throughout Ghana

In 2012 Jacob Lawren Ltd. was contracted to transport foods stuff from the customers processing plant in Accra to warehouses and customers within Ghana. We build our own closed box trailers to give maximum protection to the customers goods and to make sure that every delivery was done timely and safely. This relationship has developed further over the years and in 2017 we did around 400 trips throughout Ghana.

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Transport of Pipes from Tema to Cape Coast

Jacob Lawren Ltd. was contracted to haul 5000 ductile pipes from Tema port to Cape Coast as part of a water project in Central Region. The pipes where offloaded directly from the ship onto the trucks in two shiploads. It took 100 trucks per ship to offloade each of them in two days time. The trucks travelled to Cape Coast where they were offloaded on site. Along with ductile pipes Jacob Lawren Ltd. also transported 20 meter long HDPE pipes using an extendable lowbed. The pipes were transported from the factory in Spintex to Cape Coast.

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About Us

Jacob Lawren Ltd. is a 100% Ghanaian company based in Accra, Ghana. It has experience in Haulage, Heavy Lifting and Construction. The company was founded in 2005 by Marcel Jacobs and Sally Jacobs Agyemang. Over the past decade the company has grown continuously and currently gives employment to over 40 Ghanaians. Our customer base has been loyal over the years and some have been with us since the start of our company. The same goes for our staff. We believe that this is our main strength, the care for our staff and their care for our customers.

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"Ghana’s trusted name in Haulage,
Heavy-Lifting and Construction with
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